The Ultimate Guide To Ruby’s Inn at Bryce Canyon

Are you looking for the ultimate Southern Utah getaway? Visiting Rubys Inn is one of our top picks! The cozy rooms and close proximity to Bryce Canyon, make it an easy choice, but all of the amenities that are nearby and family activities will be what wins your heart.

Bryce Canyon has several options for places to stay nearby, but our family always chooses Ruby’s Inn first. It’s become one of our favorite places to unwind and the perfect jumping-off place for adventures.

Where is Rubys Inn?

Ruby’s Inn is located just outside of Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah. It is situated in the town of Bryce Canyon City and is along the Red Canyon Scenic Byway.

Bryce Canyon to Ruby’s Inn

Bryce Canyon is only a 3-minute drive from Ruby’s Inn. It’s so close that there’s even a designated park shuttle stop at Ruby’s Inn making getting to Bryce Canyon quick and super convenient.

Here are some other drive times from popular Utah locations to Ruby’s Inn

Salt Lake City to Ruby’s Inn: 4 hours

Moab to Ruby’s Inn: 4 hours 15 minutes

Capitol Reef to Ruby’s Inn: 2 hours 30 minutes

Zion to Ruby’s Inn: 1 hour 20 minutes

Las Vegas to Ruby’s Inn: 4 Hours

What Makes Ruby’s Inn Unique?

It’ll be the first time we visited Ruby’s Inn, I thought we were just going to an average hotel. Boy was I wrong. Ruby’s Inn is more of a full experience than just a place to stay. It’s perfectly set up for you to easily enjoy the area and is incredibly convenient for families.

With the location being just a few minutes outside of Bryce Canyon, convenience is a top priority here. Family-owned and operated: Ruby’s Inn has been family-owned and operated since it was founded in 1916. The family’s commitment to providing a high-quality, personalized experience is evident in every aspect of the inn, from the friendly staff to the comfortable rooms.

When you check-in, the Western vibe is alive and well, and the staff was nothing but kind and helpful during our entire stay.

Outside of our visits to the park, we never had to get in the car the entire trip. We could walk to go swimming, walk to go out for a treat, walk to the evening show, and walk to several different restaurants as well. This not only made our trip less stressful for me and my husband, but the kids loved the freedom we could give them by having everything close together.

What Is In Old Bryce Canyon Town?

Old Bryce Canyon City is an old-time town that Ruby’s Inn has created. It’s charming and cute and if you’re visiting Bryce Canyon with kids, you’ll need to stop here at least once. at Old Bryce Canyon City, here are some of the shops you’ll find:

  • Mercantile
  • Candy Shop
  • Ice Cream Parlor
  • Rock Shop
  • General Store

Kids will love all the photo props that are outside and if you’re looking for a place to rest your feet after a long day of hiking in Bryce Canyon, there are plenty of outdoor tables where you can relax for a bit.

Dining at Ruby’s Inn

For a hotel, Ruby’s Inn has several dining options and the main dining room is actually really great. Here’s where you can eat at Ruby’s Inn:

Cowboy Buffet and Steakhouse

Breakfast at the Cowboy Buffet is included in your overnight stay at Ruby’s Inn and is really great. Later in the day, stop in for traditional American food, but at a really reasonable price. Salads, deluxe burgers, and steaks were some of the highlights. Kids meals start at $6 and adult entrees started at $11

Canyon Diner

The Canyon Diner was Ruby’s Inn Version of fast food. Except it’s not really fast at all, and the quality is lacking. We waited about an hour for our pizza and it wasn’t even very good. I recommend skipping the Canyon Diner and going to the Cowboy Buffet instead.

Ebenezer’s Barn and Grill

Nightly, you can visit Ebenezers Barn for a chuckwagon-style dinner and a musical show. The food is pretty good, though not gourmet, the star of the show is the after-dinner performance. For dinner and the show, kid’s tickets started at $25 and adult tickets started at $45. We highly recommend this experience.

Activities at Ruby’s Inn

Ruby’s Inn has a huge variety of activities, and most of them start between Sinclair Station and Old Bryce Town. Here are some of our favorite Ruby’s Inn activities:

Guided ATV Tours

Riding a 4-wheeler or side by side, you’ll get to go on a one-hour guided trip that takes you right to the edge of Bryce Canyon. Definitely worth it if you have any ATV or side-by-side lovers in the family or kids who love adrenaline adventures. We got a side-by-side that fit 6 of us for just $165!

Horseback Riding

If you’d prefer a more relaxed way of exploring Bryce Canyon, horseback riding is great for all ages. Kids ages 7+ can go on guided rides and they’re perfect for all abilities of riders. Short rides are 90 minutes long, but there are also options for half-day and full-day trail rides for more experienced riders. Prices for horseback riding at Ruby’s Inn start at $80.

Ruby’s Inn Bike Rentals

With the Red Canyon Paved bike path, and the Bryce Canyon Multi-use trail right there, renting bikes is a great way to explore the areas around Bryce Canyon. We found that their kids’ bikes were generally in poor condition, but there was a good selection of adult mountain bikes in both hardtail and full-suspension models. If you’re an experienced mountain bike rider looking to bike Thunder Mountain also has a shuttle service you can take advantage of. They’ve just started renting out e-bikes, though we haven’t had an opportunity to try them out yet, but that would be a fantastic way to get around. Ruby’s Inn bike rentals start at $20

Swimming at Ruby’s Inn

One of the highlights of staying at Ruby’s Inn is that after a hot day of hiking and exploring Bryce Canyon, you can come back and enjoy the swimming pool. The pool is quite large for a hotel pool and has a hot tub beside it. We love that the Ruby’s Inn pool is indoors so guests can use it year-round.

Rooms at Ruby’s Inn

The rooms at Ruby’s Inn aren’t anything that will blow your mind, but they are clean and comfortable. There are options for both king and queen rooms and they do offer connecting rooms for families.

Campground at Ruby’s Inn

Ruby’s Inn Campground is the closest campground to Bryce Canyon and is a great first choice for where to stay, or an option when you can’t find camping inside of Bryce Canyon. You’ll find everything from full hook-up RV sites to tent pads, and everything in between. There’s an outdoor pool for campground guests to enjoy. If you forget anything or need to stock up, the General Store at Ruby’s Inn was surprisingly good. In addition to the gift shop side of things, there is a mini grocery and hard goods store farther back. We’ve put together meals just from what we got there, and even were able to get medication when one of our kids started feeling sick during our last stay!

Cabins and Tipis at Ruby’s Inn

Ruby’s Inn has 10 Tipis available to rent for the night and each can sleep 8 guests. We love Tipi camping with the kids, so we highly recommend staying here if there is one available during your trip.

If you want a little more comfort, rustic cabins are the way to go. Each cabin sleeps 6 and is pretty bare bones with just basic electricity and beds to sleep on (bring your own sleeping bags). This is a fun way to have a camping experience without having to sleep on the ground in a tent.

As you can see, Ruby’s Inn is a great place to stay while exploring Bryce Canyon. From ATV tours and horseback rides to cabin and tipi rentals they have something for everyone. You can find all the comforts of home at Ruby’s Inn, including an indoor pool, bike rentals, a general store, and more! We highly recommend planning your next trip here!

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